Our Mission

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the educational sector, accelerating the process of digitalization of the educational offer of a large majority of schools in Europe. School Institutions and the wider education sector have a great role to play in equipping students with tools that make them more successful in managing their online lives, as a means of ensuring their personal wellbeing and avoiding the related risks .

While the development of digital skills has been focusing primarily on how to technically operate technologies, now it became an important task for the school system to develop skills to limit and channel this use. Schools can be major players in the development of a critical and balanced use of the media in daily life, that is to say of a status of digital wellbeing.

This project aims, through the activities produced as part of the project, to equip teachers with good practices to promote digital wellbeing at school.

In addition, the project aims to raise the awareness of high school students regarding their digital wellbeing, in an attempt to improve it.


Objective One

Providing school institutions with a sound scientific background, guidelines, templates, a common language and a reference point, enabling them to implement policies for the promotion of Digital Wellbeing and cross-border discussion and exchange of good practices. (Project Result 1)

Objective Two

Up skilling teachers in confident use of digital education, enabling them to plan specific and transversal activities for the
development of digital wellbeing skills among the students. (Result 2)

Objective Three

Creating a repository of learning activities (including assessment tools) with reference to the DIGCOMP 2.0 areas to
facilitate the implementation of Digital Wellbeing practices at class level and mainstreaming Digital Wellbeing skills in
teaching practices around Europe. (Result 3).

Objective Four

Promoting individual reflection on the concept of digital wellbeing by developing an online game, which will enable students to reflect on their relationship with digital technology and help them identify possible risks (Result 4).+A10:A12

Project Results

PR1 – Framework for Digital Wellbeing at School in Europe.

PR2 – Digital Wellbeing training course and platform for teachers.

PR3 – Repository of Digital Wellbeing Learning Activities.

PR4- Digital Wellbeing Online Game.

Target groups

School leaders




School authorities

Instructional designers and ICT developers

Lower and upper secondary schools