Terms like mindfulness and emotional intelligence are commonly brought up in different domains of our lives. Emotions are considered to be an important factor for success and for a happy life, as “we live in an age where knowledge of emotions is an extremely important commodity. Where emotions are used to explain many things, are exploited by politicians, manipulated by algorithms, and emotional intelligence is considered so important that it is taught in our schools, businesses and encouraged by our health services.” (Tiffany Watt Smith, The History of human emotions). Hence, the use and importance we give to social media nowadays, especially younger generations, seems to have a big impact on our emotions and wellbeing. The way youngsters use and perceive social media, and expose themselves to that virtual world, impacts their life and self-perception, as well as their wellbeing.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we approach these topics in the classroom. In this way, empowering our students with tools that help them manage their emotions and use of social media so that they can work on their wellbeing and build important life management skills. This module aims at helping teachers to improve their skills so they feel more confident to approach these topics with their students.