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1. What are our screens and devices doing to us? Psychologist Adam Alter has spent the last years studying how much time screens steal from us and how they’re getting away with it. He shares why all those hours you spend staring at your smartphone, tablet or computer might be making you miserable — and what you can do about it. Watch the video below and share your thoughts on the Forum.

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Second guiding question

  • How much time do you spend in front of a screen(ONLINE)? Make a list about what activities do you do when you are in front of a screen, online (be it a mobile phone, Tablet or computer). Then classify those activities in two groups WORK/ STUDY and LEISURE. Reflect on your list. Do you think you can spend some of that time in other activities? Are you wasting your time?

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Third guiding question

  • Parents and teachers are aware (to a certain extent) about the time our children and students spend in front of a screen (ONLINE). Based on the content you studied and experience, come up with activities that can get them offline

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