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Associazione Nazionale Dipendenze Tecnologiche GAP e Cyberbullismo ODV

Coordinator – Lead organisation

Di.Te. Association was created with the aim of promoting awareness-raising, prevention and treatment of technological addictions, pathological gambling and related internet phenomena, such as cyberbullying. We can count on more than 100 collaborators among psychologists, educators, researchers distributed in all the 20 regions of the country. The Association organizes training courses aimed at parents, teachers and all the professional figures involved in education and in promoting the well-being of the community.
Our psychologists and educators are trained to define highly personalized paths for individuals affected by technological addictions, pathological gambling, and all kind of internet-related pathologies. Continue reading “Associazione Nazionale Dipendenze Tecnologiche GAP e Cyberbullismo ODV”

Asteres scrl – società cooperativa

ASTERES is a cooperative society which aims are: fostering citizens’ 21st century competences and lifelong learning, through the creation of innovative teaching and learning methodologies; raising awareness of international issues; promoting a common sense of belonging to the European Union.
Through the designing and creation of training pathways and educational resources ASTERES aims at fostering foreign citizens’ integration in the host society, young and adult workers’ positive inclusion in the job market, people’s awareness of local identity and its bonds with the European sense of belonging. Continue reading “Asteres scrl – società cooperativa”


CEPROF is the owner of Escola Profissional de Espinho, a VET school, and it was created in 1990. Its vocation is the promotion of school centres and vocational schools. It aims to contribute to the personal and professional skills of learners, preparing them for the job market. It promotes the approach between schools and enterprises and provides learning opportunities according to the local and national needs. The main focus areas of training are the ones related to the Tourism sector, to support the demands of this Industry in the coastal regions of Aveiro and Porto. The focus in technology is also very strong, especially in Mechatronics and Electronics, to support the heavy industry region of Porto-Gaia-Ovar. The students are encouraged to participate in contests to present innovative ideas, which enable them to develop creativity and entrepreneurship. Continue reading “CENTROS ESCOLARES DE ENSINO PROFISSIONAL LDA”


IES Torre Almirante is an educational center supported by public money that depends on the Ministry of Education of Andalusia. Its start-up dates from the 1986/1987 academic year when it began to teach the old vocational training teachings, to later adapt to the teachings of the new educational systems in Spain.
Currently, it teaches in Compulsory Secondary Education, in Baccalaureate in all the itineraries of Health Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, and in intermediate and higher level training cycles in the professional families of Administration and Management, Construction and Civil Works, Electricity and Electronics, Maintenance and Production Services and Health.
It is made up of more than 100 people, including teaching and non-teaching staff, and more than 1,000 students. Continue reading “IES TORRE ALMIRANTE”


CSI is a research and development organisation that focuses on fostering social innovation and digital transformation through evidence-based research, deployment of new technologies, and development of global, national, regional, and local solutions. It is formed by a team of professionals with over 50 years of collective experiences in the fields of Education, system Rationalization, Information & Communications Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Global Health Process, Business Forensic Intervention, Youth Development & Motivation and Resource Realignment. Continue reading “CSI CENTER FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION LTD”

WIDE Services

WIDE Services is a specialized company providing comprehensive and innovative services, exclusively in the field of E-learning.

Since its establishment, it belongs to the international network of official Moodle partners (Moodle Certified Services Provider – and is the exclusive partner of Moodle Pty Ltd in Greece and Cyprus. Moodle is the most popular and recognized open source e-learning platform in the world. WIDE Services offers vertical services for Moodle such as customization of platforms, specialized creation of modules (in order to meet the respective educational needs) design and creation of visual themes, hosting-support of eLearning platforms, etc. Continue reading “WIDE Services”