IES Torre Almirante is an educational center supported by public money that depends on the Ministry of Education of Andalusia. Its start-up dates from the 1986/1987 academic year when it began to teach the old vocational training teachings, to later adapt to the teachings of the new educational systems in Spain.
Currently, it teaches in Compulsory Secondary Education, in Baccalaureate in all the itineraries of Health Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, and in intermediate and higher level training cycles in the professional families of Administration and Management, Construction and Civil Works, Electricity and Electronics, Maintenance and Production Services and Health.
It is made up of more than 100 people, including teaching and non-teaching staff, and more than 1,000 students.

The main objectives of our institution are:
1. Provide students with adequate academic and professional training that allows them to develop their skills and favors their future professional development.
2. Provide students with a comprehensive education as people, which allows them to conveniently integrate into society, with constitutional and democratic values.
3. Establish relationships with parents to achieve the goals and with surrounding companies to facilitate the employment of students.
4. Acknowledge interculturality and inclusiveness as basic principles of the educational task.