Collaborate through digital technologies

Continuous innovations on the Net have made it easier and more accessible to share digital artifacts online.

One of the most simple and effective way is to create an account in a cloud resource-sharing system (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365) to collaborate with multiple people on the same document synchronously or asynchronously and store products in shared folders. One simple tool allows you to do it all: communicate with other group members by removing constraints of space (distance) but also of time (need to be simultaneously connected) thanks to the chat function or by using comments.

One example is the “wiki,” a collective collaborative tool that allows each user to become an author, adding or editing content online. This is an important innovation especially in research fields (collaborative projects, encyclopedias, community and personal wikis, book translations) where document sharing is an indispensable working tool. The final product is innovative, shared and continuously updated.