Let's give an example of how the excessive use of technology is affecting a boy:

Manage your time. How are we going to help you?

Realize the importance of doing each thing at the right time and reflect on what you spend that time on.

Explain them with examples: if at school or institute there are stipulated schedules so that they can learn different subjects and carry out activities, the same thing happens in the rest of the day, which allows us to have time for everything.

It is useful for both parents and children to note down the time spent and the times the following devices are used during the week: TV, video games, computer, mobile phone, tablet. 

An agreement between teachers and students to limit the use of mobile phones

Excessive use of mobile phones in classrooms and in school, in general, by students is a problem in many European schools.

The presence of these devices has completely changed the climate of the classrooms and the relationship of students with their teachers and even with their classmates.

  • Lack of discipline in class
  • Lack of concentration in the classroom
  • Induces sedentary lifestyle and other health problems (risk of videos and photos captures in the center being spread on social networks

How to limit the use of mobile phones to educational and didactic activities?

  • Exceptionally permitted devices, for educational purposes.
  • Always keep the phone on silent
  • Create a free space in which mobile phones are deposited while they are not needed
  • Propose alternative activities in recess time (playtime) so that the students do not have the need to be online