Is the Internet Safe?

It is not true to say that the internet is safe if the necessary precautions are not taken!

No one can give a 100% security guarantee on the internet. If the internet user fulfills his/her responsibilities, he/she can make the internet a certain level of security.

So What are these responsibilities?

  • Use antivirus and firewall program, keep your Operating System up to date,
  • Pay attention to what we look for and where,
  • Not share password of our wireless network and not leave it public, pay attention to password security,
  • Prefer to use a virtual credit card if you are shopping online,
  • Do not open, click, or fall into the phishing trap of suspicious links and e-mails.
  • Do not banking transactions on the computer used by many people unless it is necessary, to be careful in Internet Banking and online shopping.
  • Do not provide all personal information on the sites where membership is requested, not to be exposed to Identity Theft and Fraud
  • Determine measures and limits on privacy, pay attention to Social Network Security.