Netiquette: Internet etiquette

It is the set of proper behaviors to be implemented on the web in dealing with others (social media, blogs, forums, email). Examples of netiquette rules that you can introduce in your class:

  • do not violate the copyright of content usable on the web;
  • if you share you must always make explicit the source from which you took the material;
  • ask permission to share photos or material in which other people are also present;
  • avoid writing using only capital letters because it can be perceived as aggressive communication;
  • do not use profanity, swearing or any kind of offensive terms;
  • do not discriminate or make offensive judgments about other people;
  • demonstrate openness to dialogue and read carefully before commenting or asking questions whose answers can be learned upon careful reading;
  • avoid any form of digital bullying;
  • avoid sharing spam;
  • use common sense because you are communicating with other people on the Internet;
  • show good manners at all times.