Safer Internet Day

Within the framework of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Program, Insafe, which is co-funded by Safer Internet Program, has been simultaneously organizing Safer Internet Day (SID), through out the countries in Europe and beyond, every February, since 2004 in order to promote safe and responsible use of online and mobile technology among children and the young.

Insafe is a European network of 31 national awareness centers (27 of the EU member states, as well as Iceland, Norway, Russia and Serbia). Every national center works closely with young people to provide a help line implementing trainings and campaigns for raising awareness on better internet use. They are in cooperation with industry, schools and families to share the examples of best-practices, information and resources.

Safer Internet Program

The program has four main actions:

  • Fighting illegal content
  • Fighting harmful content
  • Promoting a safer environment
  • Raising awareness