What strategies can we teach at school?

  • Check the source of the news
  • Check the url of the site from which the news comes
  • Take a look at the site layout
  • Headlines can sometimes be misleading
  • Find out if the author is identifiable, credible, real
  • Check the sources or links supporting the news
  • Check if the news was reported elsewhere
  • Look for the publication date
  • Use your common sense
  • Visit websites that debunk hoaxes and fake news

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Teaching Online Research and evaluation

The ability to identify fake news and to evaluate the sources of information is an essential life skill for 21st century citizens. In order to successfully bring this topic into teaching practice it is essential to foster the students’ critical thinking and problem solving competences.

Teachers should therefore promoting students’ curiosity about the world around them, encouraging them to ask questions and find creative solutions to relevant issues.

Newsela is a website that offers news articles from several major publications in several different reading levels. It works well with encouraging students to think critically and ask meaningful questions about the world around them.

TED Ed is a fantastic resource for helping students gain insights into real-world problems. The site’s collection of engaging videos works well to inspire students to want to learn more and take the initiative – both are necessary components for problem based learning.